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At Failure Prevention Associates we help industries run better by preventing failures through improving people, processes, and asset management. We do this by evaluating and implementing condition monitoring programs. We will help you and your staff refine and execute predictive maintenance techniques into your plant. Start today.


Failure Prevention Associates, LLC was founded by Dr. Karl Hoffower in 2007 to help make Predictive & Condition Monitoring Maintenance programs become a reality for many more companies.

Since then, Failure Prevention Associates, LLC has grown to have offices in California and Texas, with jobs and staff that fly all over the world helping companies with training, tools, software, predictive maintenance services and mentoring for condition based, reliability improvements. Whether the services are to solve one problem or to deliver ongoing condition monitoring service. FPA has the expertise to help you get in front of unplanned downtime events.


Failure Prevention Associates, LLC. (FPA) is comprised of staff certified in Vibration Analysis, Thermographics, Ultrasound Inspection, Electric Motor Testing, Field Balancing, Laser Alignment, and Reliability Centered Maintenance Practice.

Our staff have the “in-the-trenches” experience that comes from working in plants and repairing machinery. That experience, combined with their training and certifications, allows FPA staff to rapidly analyze and report what condition based problems are present in your critical equipment.

We have also developed unique training programs based on our experience training and implementing a large number and variety of Reliability Centered maintenance programs so that the technicians we train get hands-on experience and practice with all of their tools and with discovering and repairing failure conditions.

Our certified experts also have the experience to work with your administrators and executives to implement your full programs.

Whether you are looking to optimize your maintenance to save money and increase efficiency, train your staff or implement a full program, our experts can deliver what you need to maximize your uptime and eliminate downtime, leading to better profits, and keeping your business in the black.

Around the clock, around the world, we come to you.


Our approach emanates from the understanding that one cannot purchase “Reliability.”

The above is a simple statement. One that requires skill, training, experience and continual attention to the process in order to achieve more reliable processes and equipment.

Reliability is a state gained by the artful approach of having something not occur. We achieve this by delivering a culture of ownership and partnership with the client.

We work with our clients to foster a culture of collaboration between our staff and yours.

We have the knowledge, relationships, access and experience to implement the major condition monitoring technologies into your plant. FPA is not just a vibration analysis service company.

To help align FPA with the mission, vision and values of client, we assign a project coordinator who ties our staff in partnership with Operations and Maintenance staff. FPA plans to learn about your process and the critical equipment and failure modes unique to each process.

By understanding the needs of the client, FPA can formulate which approach and application of condition monitoring services is proper (per your business case, environmental, safety and quality needs) to help you make risk based decisions from a position of knowledge.

Our goal is to prevent failures and avoid the collateral damage unplanned downtime creates all while adding value to the safety, as well as the bottom line of our clients.

For more details in how Failure Prevention Associates, LLC. can be a partner with your company to improve outcomes, please use the contact us form at the top of the page.