Failure Prevention Associates, LLC, herein referred to as FPA, LLC., is incorporated in the great state of Texas.

For online services and consulting please review here: Failure Prevention Associates’ Online Terms and Conditions

FPA, LLC. offers condition monitoring tool systems, training on those systems or providing certified technicians to perform service using those systems to help you avoid unplanned downtime, collateral damage from complete failures and other types of avoidable maintenance losses.

In doing business with FPA, LLC. you and your company agree to name the County of Brazoria as the venue for filing and adjudicating disputes.

Recommendations from FPA, LLC. staff are based on generally accepted industry practices, information supplied by the manufacturers and past case histories. The end-user is solely responsible for the results of acting or not acting on information supplied by Predictive Maintenance (PdM) tool systems and/or FPA, LLC.

All PdM tool systems, trademarks, service marks and copyrights belong to their respective owners or manufacturers. All systems represented here for sale have unique and individual terms and conditions of sale. FPA, LLC. is a reseller and/or representative of a product. As such, FPA, LLC. does not manufacturer any equipment and cannot be held liable for the quality of said equipment. Warranty claims must be submitted to the manufacturer.

Upon delivery a copy of the terms and conditions of sale should be found with the equipment. If said terms and conditions are not found, it is the responsibility and burden of the end-user to contact FPA, LLC. or the respective manufacturer and request a copy of said terms and conditions. Failure to do so shall not relieve or absolve the end-user from being subject to the terms and conditions of sale.

Safe operation and obtaining of the desired results from a particular tool system is exclusively dependent upon following the instructions contained in the user guides for each system. Proper training in the use of the system has been found to improve results. Many systems achieve results from regular, consistent inspection with a comparison of past results to guide decision making, desired results and ultimately overall return on investment. Professional training classes and implementation assistance are available to help achieve the desired results. No claim or guarantee is made as to the actual results you may achieve when using the tools or systems offered for sale from FPA, LLC. Claims made by FPA, LLC. staff are solely a description of past results other end-users have revealed and are not a guarantee of what you may achieve currently and/or into the future.

Not detecting issues when properly trained and properly using a particular tool is in itself a valuable action. No claims shall be accepted nor compensated for. Even when after repeated use the desired results are not achieved.