ConditionMonitoring – Predictive Maintenance

ConditionMonitoring | Predictive Maintenance

Turn your cell phone video into a visual vibration model. Now you can know what is going on sooner than at any other time in history.
Create an animated model just from a stable cell phone video that shows how your machine or structure is moving. This modeling and vibration data collection used to take weeks and cost $40k, $60k, or more.

Using your own cellular phone video camera, a slow motion recording can be turned into a visual vibration recording

Vibration Analysis

Our vibration data analysis condition monitoring solution includes monitoring Rotating machinery (e.g. cooling towers, gearboxes, pumps electric motors, blowers, turbines, etc.) and acceptance testing for new equipment installations (building floors, piping, rotating equipment). If vibration monitoring is crucial to your facility, we can test it for you.

  • Monthly Contracts for Vibration Routes.
  • Weekly Critical Vibration Routes.
  • Vibration analysis troubleshooting for repeated bad actors or tripping on high vibration alarms.
  • Newly installed Rotating equipment commissioning – ensure your new assets will operate as expected.

Visual Vibration

Our visual vibration service uses everyday cell phone technology combined with sophisticated software and industry expertise to slow down video recordings to detect the smallest vibrations and inefficiencies in your machines. Visual Vibration combines the fundamentals of machine vibration analysis with technology that allows you to stay connected to our expert team with the vibration reporting you need.

SystemEyes™ a Condition Monitoring System

Instead of implementing new systems that may or may not support all aspects of operations, what if we further developed and connected our current systems to provide a unified platform for reporting, KPI’s, operations support, monitoring, and continual improvement?

Predictive Maintenance Program

Reliability initiatives often fail. Yet they are re-started time and again by new teams or senior management. Using Uptime Elements, we can assess your site to see what the next step needs to be to move your program to the next level.

Electric Motor Evaluation

A best practice analysis for electric motor, generators & transformers condition monitoring. Our MCA tests stator windings, rotor, air gap, insulation, power quality, and power circuit. We offer both offline and online testing of your electrical assets.


Finding trouble spots that otherwise would be undetectable using AMP clamps with Bluetooth seamlessly integrates all information into the image. Thermography can detect issues like:

  • Loose electrical connections
  • Overloaded circuits
  • Hot spots in motors and bearings
  • Corroded electrical connections

This condition monitoring technique can be used to identify potential problems before they cause failures.

Ultrasound Detection

Our ultrasound analysis uses best practices for finding compressed air/gas leaks, vacuum leaks, electrical faults (arcing, tracking & destructive corona), and monitoring slow-speed bearings that cannot be evaluated using traditional vibration analysis. Ultrasounds detection can also be used for condition monitoring of gearboxes, valves & steam traps.

Oil Analysis

A condition monitoring technique that uses oil samples tested for chemical composition for contaminants, wear metals, and other properties. This can be used to identify potential problems before they cause failures and assess overall machine health.