With experience in hundreds of projects and case studies, we pride ourselves on cracking problems no one else has been able to.

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From sugar plants in California to Oil Refineries in Alaska, we pride ourselves on cracking problems no one could.

Ultrasound Detection Predictive Maintenance saves Evaporation Process

Less than $6000 invested in a predictive maintenance tool saved an entire evaporation process from failure, saving over $500,000 a day in production losses.

Ultrasound detection is a commonly used method for finding pressure leaks, but vacuum leaks tend to harder to find. However, inefficiencies due to vacuum leaks can cost money and small leaks can lead to failures that can bring down and entire process.

With our experience in predictive maintenance tools and analysis, we were able to find the leak and save the process.

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Karl Hoffower (founder, Failure Prevention Associates, LLC.) is hard working, focused and goes out of his way to get the job done.

Since founding Failure Prevention Associates, he has built the business by supporting his customers.

D.N., Vibration & Balancing Solutions

I have worked with Failure Prevention Associates for almost two years now on various projects. They are extremely competent at recommending systems for preventive maintenance situations.

D.G., Connection Technology Center

You will not find better training for ultrasonic or vibration analysis. Highly recommend them.

Senior Engineer for a Major Airline

Failure Prevention Associates is genuinely interested in the success of the people they provides services for. We have utilized his company for training and product support with great results. We would highly recommend them to prospective customers.

K.K., Holly Energy Partners

Failure Prevention Associates have gone above and beyond every time I have ever purchased equipment from them or hired them for field services. I highly recommend him for Vibration Services and equipment, ODS services, consulting services, PDMA equipment, Ultrasound testing, Laser Alignment equipment. I could go on and on about the services they provide

If you need a product or service for any industry where Predictive or Preventative Maintenance is used or needed Failure Prevention Associates would be the one to call.

You will not be disappointed!!!!

C.W., Field Service Manager, Major Pump Manufacturer

When it comes to finding out the true root cause of rotating equipment issues, Benny’s skills are second to none. Benny has a deep understanding of equipment operations, failure modes, root cause analysis, troubleshooting and equipment optimization. Utilizing all the tools at his disposal, Benny ensures that he delves into the true root of a problem or even how to prevent one from occurring. It’s always a pleasure to work with Benny as he keeps the customers goals front and center as he works.

GH | President of Operations

Simple Vibration Analysis fixes Unbalanced Motor

A simple vibration analysis pinpointed an exact problem with an unbalanced motor, leading to a simple fix on-site.

»  Vibration Analysis fixes Unbalanced Motor Vibration Analysis fixes Unbalanced Motor

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