Our experience passed on to your guys.

Our unique programs on predictive maintenance training, seminars, and coaching give your personnel the classroom work needed for certification as well as the hands-on experience necessary for your own people to implement an in-house Reliability Centered Maintenance Program.

We provide training and implementation assistance for vibration analysis, ultrasound detection, thermal imaging, electric motor testing, laser alignment, field balancing, and general reliability-centered maintenance.

Failure Prevention Associates delivers training and certification that complies with the ISO 18436-2 standards. Students receive certificates for grades of 70% or greater.

Vibration Analysis Training

We provide vibration analysis courses that will allow you and your teams to achieve up to a level 2 certification in vibration analysis.

Our vibration analysis training is based on the ISO 18436-2 standards and covers both theoretical and practical concepts.

The course is designed for those who have little to no experience in vibration analysis as well as those who want to brush up on their skills.

The course covers the following topics:

  • Condition monitoring program
  • Review of basic vibration analysis science
  • Review basic machine faults
  • Recognition of poor data
  • Waveform and Spectrum Graph analysis
  • Phase analysis for field applications:
  • Unbalance, Eccentricity, Bent Shaft, Misalignment, Soft Foot, Resonance
  • Introduction to Field balancing
  • Hands-on Workshop practicing phase analysis techniques
  • Vibration analysis case studies
  • Vibration Measurement, Data Collection & Analysis Practical
  • And More!

Field Balancing (in-place balancing) Training

Learn the fundamentals of how to balance blowers, brush cutters, draw works, generators, and other machines in place, with no need to disassemble, remove or send them out to a shop. Preparing your team to improve machine uptime and better care for your critical assets.

Ultrasound Detection & Inspection Training

In addition to training ultrasound technology, our ultrasound program can be customized to fit your specific plant needs, including developing protocols and procedures for effective ultrasound program implementation. At the end of this training you will be able to:

  • Understand the basics of ultrasound detection
  • Proper use of tools and equipment
  • Generate and interpret scans
  • Develop protocols/procedures for your plant

Thermal Imaging Training

We’ll train your personnel on how to use thermal imaging to determine a wide range of potential failure conditions and improve the health of your machines, especially your electrical systems. With this training you will learn the fundamentals of thermal imaging technology, when to apply this knowledge and how to use the tools necessary for thermal imaging for condition monitoring.

Laser Alignment Training

Learn how to precisely align shafts, belts, bearings and gears so they do not experience excessive wear from misalignment. This training will prepare you to use the latest technologies and equipment for measuring and aligning rotating machinery.

Reliability Centered Maintenance Training

Our expert and extensive experience in the full implementation of Predictive and Reliability Centered maintenance is used to train and implement your own Reliability Centered Maintenance program for owner-operators and project managers.