Management of Change

The Complete Change Management Workshop: Powerful Tools for Leaders of Change

Failure Prevention Associates presents an online LIVE workshop on the actual steps for easy-to-use the Management of Change (MOC) System.

Countless times Reliability and common sense are sacrificed because the MOC system is too complicated and convoluted or downright career-ending. So the same weak work control processes, ineffective procedures, bad design, or poor quality OEM part is used over and over. “Everyone” knows this is wrong. But the MOC process is too hard to get the systems right, optimize the procedures, redesign the process, specify a better part, select a better machine, etc… approved.

Get Started on the Change Management Process – With Our MOC Workshop

Management of ChangeIf you are looking for a successful change management system to make this process easier and more effective, this is the workshop you have been waiting to attend. This workshop will help maintenance, reliability, and operations leaders who are managing complex changes under challenging conditions.

This class will review how actions get reinforced and become entrenched. Even though the action that worked before no longer is the best choice available.

These past beliefs and actions become barriers to change. You will learn the process and techniques to use past behaviors to overcome resistance to implementing change initiatives.

In this workshop, you will get the complete system, including all the tools you need to make change management a stress-free and simple process that works every time. Creating an environment where your team feels good about change and they will trust you to lead them through it. When it comes to communication of changes, consistency and repetition are required. You will learn how almost all change managers and key stakeholders provide totally insufficient communication and how to avoid that all-too-common pitfall.

The workshop will cover how to identify pain points for team members on the journey from WHAT IS to WHAT WILL BE and anticipate it perfectly, with plans to support them and reduce difficulty. You will see how the development of a measurement system is a key element of the change management model. Many changes fail because even the leader does not know if the change has achieved the intended result. This is embarrassing, this workshop will ensure it never happens to you.

Management of Change is an important tool for handling technical changes that are regulated by law. We will cover that topic in detail, along with tools for documenting the changes.

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Course Overview for Organizational Change Management:

  • Introduction
  • Expectations of the Workshop
  • The Core Problem: Why Change Happens & Why It Feels Difficult
  • Why Do We Change?
  • Communicating Changes
  • Generating Support for Change
  • Accepting Change
  • Executing Changes That Stick
  • Conclusion
  • Measurement of Success
  • What to Expect and How to Deal with Setbacks
  • The BIG Payback!
  • Examples of Management of Change (MOC)
  • Process Safety Management (PSM) – The Heavy Hitter of Change
  • Tools for Driving Change Without the Stress
  • Questions & Answers
Change Management Workshop