The focus Failure Prevention Associates (FPA) has with Reliability and condition monitoring services makes us a very unique and value added partner. We also understand the unique needs of OSHA PSM, the EPA’s RMP and with your Nutrients site the FDA’s regulations for GMP.

We are a one-stop-shop for condition monitoring services and solutions.

FPA offers Services, Monitoring System Sales & Training in all the major condition monitoring technologies.

Multiple Value Return On Investment: A dedicated team assigned to your site, using the newest equipment leads to better diagnostics, which delivers better knowledge and understanding of your equipment and processes for better reliability and less maintenance dollar cost.

Access to innovations in technology: FPA is invited to speak at and attends national and regional conferences each year. We do this to stay aware of emerging technologies and approaches to improve our client outcomes. Keynote speaker at 2016 Gas Compressor conference, Presenter at: IMC, Reliability 2.0, Vibe Institute, TAPPI, Reliable Plant. Annual attendee at: TAMU-Turbo show, MaRS, Vibe Institute, Society of Maintenance & Reliability Professionals.

Access to Continuous Client Improvement Information: Working with a diverse client base, FPA discovers, invents and shares problem solving ideas on a wide array of assets and within different processes, all while respecting and protecting client trade secrets. The knowledge of successful changes and improvements helps your plant drive better outcomes.

Strong Partnerships: FPA staff will align to the mission, vision and values of our client’s. We assign a project coordinator who works to tie our staff in partnership with our client’s Maintenance and Operations staff. FPA plans to learn about your process, its critical equipment. We understand the failure modes unique to petrochemical reliability. FPA will attend weekly plant coordination meetings. This builds stronger ties with our client’s staff, helps FPA become part of the team and makes us more aware of how to constantly improve.

Cloud Report Storage & Notification: FPA provides a web based portal where vibration, thermal imaging, motor circuit, oil analysis, acceptance testing, and repair shop failure reports can be stored. By placing the information in one, easy to access online database, it increases efficiency for all concerned. Email notification can be sent to designated staff. FPA grants access to only those who need the info. Therefore, multiple levels of access can be granted to various staff members.

Standardized Methodologies: Integration and application of major standards and recommended practices by established organizations API, HI, ISO, ASNT.
Commitment to our Client’s: FPA makes significant investments in our people, diagnostic equipment, business software and network to continuously produce value in our offerings to client’s. We know you we need to earn your business every day. So we have a vested interest in staying informed about new advancements to insure our client’s receive best-in-class knowledge about their assets and the technologies that monitor them.

New technology: FPA holds OEM representation contracts for all major rotating equipment condition monitoring technologies: vibration analyzers, ultrasonic detectors, thermal imaging cameras, lubrication condition monitors and motor, generator & transformer testers. As a condition of these relationships, FPA must acquire the newest technology when it becomes available. This means we have the latest equipment, software and techniques for the best diagnostics of the health of your equipment.

Continuous Training: Under the review and approval of ASNT, FPA delivers certification training in vibration analysis, thermal imaging, motor circuit testing, ultrasound detection, laser alignment and field balancing. We can provide classes to your staff on Reliability and Condition Monitoring topics.

Nationwide Network of Alliance Partners: Participating in numerous conferences over the years, FPA has established relationships with subject matter experts, OEM solution groups and other PdM service providers. FPA leverages those relationships for problem solving, learning of process improvements, new technologies, and other advantages. Recent example – Client needed Out-Of-State OEM site visit for acceptance tests. FPA coordinated with a local SME to save the client off-site evaluation fees, travel expenses and most importantly time.

Safety Culture: FPA staff undergo HASC training, as well as additional OSHA/PSM training. These classes are reviewed, validated & annually updated by independent 3rd parties (ISN & PICs). We conduct background checks and random drug tests on our staff.

Social & Environmental Responsibility: FPA empowers client’s with knowledge about the health of their assets. This knowledge allows proactive measures to be implemented in a manner to improve client outcomes and reach their goals. Reliable assets are safer, cost less and refrain from creating environmental impacts. Helping our client’s realize these goals helps FPA fulfill its commitment to better our world.