Field Balancing Services

Why field balancing is important

Field balancing is the process of equalizing the force exerted by the rotating components of an industrial machine. This is important because it helps to prevent vibration and resonance, which can cause damage to the machine or its parts.

What are the steps of the field balancing of a long rotor?

There are four steps in field balancing a long rotor:

  1. Measuring the static unbalance of the rotor
  2. Computing the couple unbalance correction
  3. Applying the correction to the rotor
  4. Measuring the residual unbalance

What is the goal of field balancing?

The goal of field balancing is to achieve as close to perfect balance as possible. This helps to reduce wear on the machine and its parts, and also helps to extend the life of the machine.

There are many benefits to field balancing services, including:

  • Measuring vibration and resonance
  • Increased efficiency
  • Reduced wear on parts
  • Extended life of the machine


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Field Balancing


At FPA we use the latest tools for field balancing and training your teams to effectively maintain your vital assets. These tools include:

  • Static field balancers
  • Dynamic field balancers
  • Vibration analysis software
  • Laser alignment tools
Field Balancing

On-site balancing is the faster and least expensive option to ensure rotating equipment works as designed.

With our field balancing services, blowers, fans, brush cutters, draw works, generators and other equipment can be balanced to eliminate one of the most common sources of early bearing failure. Anywhere in the world, we come to you.

If your machine is shaking and you’re tired of replacing bearings with low hours, our analysis and field balancing services can get you back on track. Field balancing (aka in-place balancing) extends the life of your bearings and fixes your problem with little downtime, as compared to shop balancing.

What are the steps of the field balancing of a long rotor?

Our approach emanates from the understanding that one cannot purchase “Reliability”.

The above is a simple statement. One that requires skill, training, experience, and continual attention to the process in order to achieve more reliable processes and equipment.

Reliability is a state gained by the artful approach of having something not occur. We achieve this by delivering a culture of ownership and partnership with the client.

We work with our clients to foster a culture of collaboration between the people of your company and FPA.

We have the knowledge, relationship access, and experience to implement the major condition monitoring technologies in your plant. FPA is not just a vibration analysis company. We can implement all of the major condition monitoring technologies.

We are here to help you achieve your goals, solve problems and save money.