FLIR Infrared & Thermal Camera

FLIR camera’s are designed to allow you to see in complete darkness by creating images from the heat energy that is all around us but invisible to the human eye. Images produced can reveal potential electrical, mechanical or process anomalies and provide valuable insights for predictive maintenance. FLIR cameras display temperature differences, higher resolution contrast images and the temperature range of ciritcal assets.

Applications for a FLIR thermal imaging camera range from simple condition monitoring of electrical installations and mechanical equipment, to more complex uses such as research and development, or process monitoring and control.

Some of the key features of flir thermal imaging cameras include:

  • The ability to see in complete darkness
  • Images reveal potential electrical, mechanical or process anomalies
  • Provide valuable insights for predictive maintenance
  • Applied across a wide-range of industries

FLIR provodies the best thermal imaging cameras for detecting signs of failure in your ciritical assets. Let Failure Prevention Associates provide product training, implementation and predictive maintenance programs that can be tailored to your specific needs.

Flir thermal imaging cameras are an essential tool for predictive maintenance programs. By monitoring the health of electrical and mechanical equipment, flir thermal imaging can help identify potential problems before they cause downtime or expensive repairs.

FLIR Thermal imaging cameras have unsurpassed quality.

FLIR Thermal imaging cameras can be used for the following applications:

Process Control
Flir thermal imaging cameras can be used to control and optimize industrial processes.

Predictive Maintenance
FLIR thermal imaging can be used to monitor the health of electrical and mechanical equipment, and identify potential problems before they cost your business time & money.

Quality Control
FLIR thermal imaging can be used to ensure product quality by detecting defects that are not visible to the naked eye.

Research & Development
FLIR thermal imaging is often used in research and development to study the effects of heat on products or materials.

Search & Rescue
FLIR thermal imaging can be used to locate missing people or animals in complete darkness.

Security & Surveillance
FLIR thermal imaging can be used to detect intruders in complete darkness, without the need for visible light cameras.

Environmental Monitoring
FLIR thermal imaging can be used to monitor environmental conditions such as air pollution.

Law Enforcement
FLIR thermal imaging can be used by law enforcement to detect illegal activity.

FLIR Thermal Imaging Camera: Made for Predictive Maintenance Applications

Using infrared cameras is the fastest method to assess if critical systems are soon going to fail.

Excess heat is a common sign of impending failure.

Electrical fires are the most common cause of major fires.

IR cameras can reduce your company insurance costs with an annual electrical system survey.

FLIR T-Series Features

The Most Flexible, Innovative,, and Highest Quality Professional-Grade Hand-held Thermal Cameras Ever.

With a compact design the exciting new T640 and T620, FLIR T-Series moves to the head of its class. FLIR T620/T640 provides the highest infrared resolution in the famously ergonomic T-Series line along with a fresh new set of impressive features.

The Highest Thermal Imaging Resolution in Its Class

With 307,200 pixels at 640 × 480, FLIR T640 and T620 cameras give professional thermographers a high resolution and thermal sensitivity for the best-looking images and most accurate temperature measurement. Coupled with dual 5-megapixel digital cameras, you’ll get the sharpest visible light and thermal images you need to create the most effective documentation. See the results jump off the screen.

Comfortable, Flexible Ergonomics: What T-Series is Famous For

Capturing great thermal images high above your head or down near the ground no longer needs to be a back-breaking, knee-cracking calisthenics routine. With a unique rotating optical block with its interchangeable lenses, the T-Series lets you easily tilt up or down along its 120° range of motion while keeping the touchscreen display right in front of you. See how comfortable and easy it is to “get the shot” from any angle.

Industry-First Wi-Fi Connectivity Adds Power to Analysis, Reporting, and Sharing

FLIR simplifies your work in the field and in the office by leading the way with forward-thinking Wi-Fi to mobile devices like iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. No bulky laptops to lug, cables to connect, or SD cards to swap. Use the new FLIRViewer app to import images from the camera, add more box areas and moveable spots and fine-tune images. Generate comprehensive reports. And share critical information immediately with decision-makers on-site or by e-mail. See how FLIR Wi-Fi connectivity can help boost your productivity and credibility.

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