SDT Ultrasound Detectors

Ultrasound detector SDT 270 can hear the trouble spots you can’t.

SDT270 Ultrasound Detector

The SDT270 is a reliable, rugged ultrasonic detector that helps you find air leaks, electrical faults, mechanical wear, predict failure,s and other sources of ultrasound quickly, and easily while being able to minimize costs.

Why use the SDT 270 Ultrasound Detector?

The SDT 270 is the best option for finding ultrasound because it is a reliable, rugged ultrasonic detector that helps you prevent unplanned production downtime by hearing what human’s cannot. What sets the SDT 270 apart from other solutions is its ability to hear the trouble spots you can’t. Other detectors on the market lack this ability, making them less effective at finding ultrasound.

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What is an Acoustic Imaging Camera?

SonaVu™ is an acoustic imaging camera. Using its 112 ultrasound sensors and optical camera, it can detect sources of airborne ultrasound and transmit them into a visual image on its touch screen. Defects such as compressed air system leaks, compressed gas system leaks, vacuum leaks, the presence of partial discharge on electrical assets, and failed/working steam traps all create turbulence. And when there is turbulent flow present, there is airborne ultrasound. SonaVu™ makes the superhuman hearing capabilities of SDT Ultrasound Devices visible to the human eye.

Using an acoustic imaging camera these defects and failure modes can be visualized and pinpointed from up to 50 meters away. And due to the visualization capabilities of SonaVu™, it’s really easy to use too. With minimal device training, maintenance technicians can confidently inspect their assets for defects, long before they cause unexpected downtime.

Compressed Air Leak Management

If it’s been a while since your last ultrasound compressed air survey, or you’ve never even performed a compressed air leak survey at your facility, then it is likely that your compressed air system is riddled with leaks. A poorly maintained compressed air system can negatively impact product quality and slow production efficiency… not to mention majorly impact plant-wide sustainability.

There are several reasons why a leaky compressed air system is low on the priority list for maintenance staff.

  • It could be because some don’t associate compressed air with energy consumption.
  • It could be because not all maintenance technicians are aware of the fastest and easiest way to locate compressed air leaks.
  • It could be because maintenance doesn’t like to take out the ultrasound detector and simply finding leaks, tag them and fix them.
  • It could be because we can’t find the time in our busy days to do the little things that require elbow grease like repairing some air leaks and accumulate thousands in energy savings.

The bottom line is – a leaky system will never fulfill production demand, continually drain resources, and harm the environment as additional and unnecessary greenhouse gas emissions accumulate and fill our atmosphere.

With SonaVu™ performing a compressed air leak survey and locating those pesky leaks has never been easier. Also, since SonaVu™ can pinpoint leaks from up to 50 meters away, even leaks hard to reach compressed airlines won’t go undetected.

What do they do to Control Energy Costs?

Ultrasound detectors convert and step down sounds that exist above the range of human hearing.

If you can hear the sound, then an ultrasonic detector is deaf.

But if the sound is occurring above human hearing, then our SDT unit will be singing out loud. You now have the ability to hear more of what is really going on in your facility.

Many different warning signals give off ultrasonic sounds. In the airborne environment, leaks of compressed gas or air can generate significant ultrasonic sound. Even if your plant is so loud you have a hard time yelling at each other, you will be amazed at how the SDT ultrasound detector eliminates all of the background noise to hone in on your problem so there are no unplanned failures.

SDT Ultrasonic Detector Applications

  • Compressed Air Leaks
  • Condenser Leaks
  • Boiler Tube Leaks
  • Heat Exchanger Leaks
  • Quality Assurance Leaks
  • Building Envelope Leaks
  • Underground Leak Detection
  • Automotive (wind-water) Leak
  • Aviation (cockpit pressurization, fuels, composite)
  • Bearing Analysis
  • Trending Bearings
  • Acoustic Lubrication
  • Steam Trap Monitoring & Switchgear
  • Radio-TV Interference
  • Predict equipment failures

For more details on SDT Ultrasound Detectors, view information from the SDT website, including using SDT detectors for the following applications:

  • Leak Detection
  • Bearing Monitoring
  • Acoustic Lubrication
  • Electrical Inspections
  • Steam Traps
  • Including a Compressed Air Leak Cost Calculator
  • Valve Monitoring
SDT Ultrasound Detectors

For example, at a wastewater facility, in the basement, below a massive blower, the audible sound was so loud no amount of yelling could be heard. You had to read a man’s lips and gestures to understand each other. But the SDT ultrasound detector heard only a single whistle coming from a blown seal on a regulator.

Repairing that one large leak took away the need for 1 of the 3 new compressors that had recently been installed.

If only they had performed an air leak survey before ordering the compressors.

If you have leaks you can hear, then there are many more leaks that just aren’t big enough to make an audible sound. If you don’t hear leaks, but, your compressors run when demand is off-peak. Then you have leaks.

Electrical arcing, tracking, and corona generate ultrasonic sound immediately. You do not have to wait for the condition to worsen so excess heat brings a thermal difference that an IR camera can pick up.

Using contact probes or magnet sensors, you can perform structure-borne ultrasound detection. This is used extensively for monitoring bearing conditions, traps, and valves and to perform acoustic lubrication for proper grease application.

Ultrasound Detection Solution

Contact Ultrasound Detection Solution

Hear what is happening inside your equipment.

The primary use of the contact probe is for obtaining mechanical function information. But the uses extend beyond bearings to include steam traps, pneumatics, and much more.

Magnetic Sensors

The use of magnetic sensors is best suited for equipment where it is difficult to get access with a contact probe or when there are no exposed fasteners. This can include gearboxes and other types of housings. The sensor is placed on the outside of the housing in the area of interest.

Ultrasound Detection Solution | Magnetic Sensors
Ultrasound Detection Solution | Magnetic Sensors
Ultrasound Detection Solution | Magnetic Sensors
Ultrasound Detection Solution | Magnetic Sensors

Airborne and Structure-borne Ultrasound Detection. Hear more with SDT™

The SDT270 can be used for airborne or structure-borne ultrasound detection. Airborne Ultrasound Detection is the most common form of ultrasonic leak detection. Airborne ultrasound is generated by pressurized air or gas escaping through a hole or crack. The larger the leak, the easier it will be to hear the sound. Structure-borne Ultrasound Detection type of ultrasound is generated by mechanical movement or electrical arcing. The ultrasound passes through the structure to the surface where it can be detected.

SDT270 Product Features:

  • Rugged and designed for industrial use
  • Dust and water-resistant with an IP54 rating
  • A large, easy-to-read, backlit LCD display is visible even in direct sunlight
  • Frequency range of 20kHz to 100kHz
  • SDT Ultrasonic Data Collectors let you hear above the noise.
  • Hear failing bearings, air leaks, bad valves or traps & faulty electrical systems.
  • SDT 170 unit guaranteed to survive a 1-meter drop.

Leak Examples

Below are some small examples, detected and corrected using the SDT 270 Ultrasound Detection System.

Large leak outlined in yellow
Large leak outlined in yellow
Missing air regulator tube
Missing air regulator tube
Oxygen regulator leak
Oxygen regulator leak

Failure prevention associates provide tools, training, and preventative maintenance programs using the SDT 270 Ultrasounds Detector. We aim to keep facilities running at peak efficiency and safety helping our clients better educate their maintenance crews, maximize machine uptime, save money and control energy costs.