Published On: September 21, 2020
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Over the past 3 months, we have shared The Dirty Dozen: 12 Ways to Wreck Your Maintenance Program, poking a little sarcastic fun at the dark side of the maintenance profession. The idea for approaching maintenance excellence from the worst-case point of view came from our observations of extremely reactive maintenance organizations struggling, and often failing, to become proactive.

We wondered what would happen if we featured a model for bad behavior instead of the usual “This is what you should be doing” approach, exposing the damage that is viewed as normal just because it is familiar. Would it be possible to create an environment where it isn’t OK anymore to waste money, talent and production to fight fires continuously? Could we shout out that the emperor wears no clothes, and generate the energy to help the toughest cases become proactive?

Imagine being a person who has been a Master of the Dirty Dozen for years. Maybe you don’t have to imagine it? Everyone could see that your behavior was deadly to the well being of the operation, once they were made aware of it. This common vision would allow us to work together to learn and change. It’s not about firing people who made mistakes, or placing blame. Those who have damaged the process in the past have tremendously valuable insight into fixing problems in the future, once they understand the stakes.

The last of the Dirty Dozen ways that you can wreck your maintenance program is to walk away from the challenge to do something differently today. If you are dealing with equipment failures and emergencies on a daily basis, that is proof that your process is broken. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Don’t let anyone tell you different.

Thank you for joining us for a little fun with reactive maintenance mayhem. All kidding aside, we are proud to share our proven SystemRxMTM program with you. Using our proprietary SmartSequencingTM algorithm, your high performance maintenance program will come together in record time.


We know how hard you are working to optimize your Maintenance Process…work smarter with SystemRxMTM.

*All items or stories on this website regarding how to wreck your maintenance or reliability program are fictitious. We are using humor as a method to parody how programs and systems claim something positive but are doing the opposite. The purpose of said stories is to entertain and amuse and not to disparage any persons, or institutions, in any way and no malice is intended toward anyone or anything, nor should any be construed from the satirically based stories and fake news items. Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental or is intended purely as a satire, parody or spoof of such persons and is not intended to communicate any true or factual information about that person. We believe our results show that we do have a system that consistently brings positive results when applied with our SmartSequencing™ algorithm. Please contact us if you want help getting your program producing the results you want.

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In 2008, Dave authored the first remotely coached Maintenance Process Optimization Program to help maintenance professionals battle the invisible system behind the scenes that, if left unchecked, undermines production and reliability.