FPA Quick Reliability Tactic – Getting Technicians to Read Work Orders

Published On: October 2, 2022
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Quick Reliability Tactic

Getting Technicians to Read Work Orders

Video Transcript:

Hello, this is Dave Krings with Failure Prevention Associates. And this is a quick reliability tactic: Getting technicians to read work orders. You know this is a problem at most facilities. And this guy, is reading nothing.

So, why don’t the technicians read your job plans when you have everything else in place including these critical elements?

  1. Things like work orders written for all the work.
  2. A well-developed written work schedule
  3. Great support from the leadership
  4. Well-trained, precision-minded technicians
  5. Everything you need to WIN!

Now, don’t panic is this isn’t all perfect at your site, we can help you solve these things too. The truth is the purpose of planning in the first place is to ensure that the best way of doing every task is used by everyone. It creates an atmosphere of consistency. Predictable, repeatable results. Great results. Who doesn’t want that? There has to be a way. Everyone wants great results! But, sadly, they often don’t recognize that great results come from BEHAVING systematically to eliminate variability. You get the same result every time.

We need to build HABITS that increase reliability. Like READING those work orders.

So, let’s make it fun:

  1. Build quality job plans
  2. Include the technicians in planning jobs
  3. Hide a few “surprises” in your written procedures to encourage technicians to get in the habit of reading them, like:
    • “Call your planner! He has a fresh-baked doughnut for you.”
    • “Enter a comment to document your work, and your planner has a gift card for you.”
    • “Return a copy of this work order to Bob the Planner, and he will wash and wax your car!”

Okay, maybe not that last one, but you get the idea.

You WIN by taking others with you!

Thank you for joining us for Quick Reliability Tactics! This tip is apart of our 65-Lesson remote coached SytemRxM™ program. Visit www.failureprevention.com for articles, webinars, products & services to help you build your high performance reliability system!


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In 2008, Dave authored the first remotely coached Maintenance Process Optimization Program to help maintenance professionals battle the invisible system behind the scenes that, if left unchecked, undermines production and reliability.