Published On: July 6, 2020
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Poor communication is one of the most effective ways to destroy a maintenance program. At all levels of an organization, each of us has valuable information that can be used to solve problems and improve the maintenance process. By withholding that information, you can do spectacular amounts of damage. If you are serious about wrecking your maintenance efforts, include poor communication in your arsenal.

In your next maintenance team meeting, withhold information that could help others solve a problem or make improvements. Hoarding of information can give you a feeling of power, which is a nice side benefit for you. No matter what your role in the organization, there are ample opportunities to keep information to yourself, so don’t assume this tip is only for managers. If someone challenges you about your poor communication, an effective response is to say that the information was confidential or sensitive, and the questions will usually go away, just like magic. 

Tune in next time as we continue to expose the secret lives of seriously disturbed maintenance “professionals” with…

The Dirty Dozen Tip #2: Pretend You Are on the Team. 

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*All items or stories on this website regarding how to wreck your maintenance or reliability program are fictitious. We are using humor as a method to parody how programs and systems claim something positive but are doing the opposite. The purpose of said stories is to entertain and amuse and not to disparage any persons, or institutions, in any way and no malice is intended toward anyone or anything, nor should any be construed from the satirically based stories and fake news items. Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental or is intended purely as a satire, parody or spoof of such persons and is not intended to communicate any true or factual information about that person. We believe our results show that we do have a system that consistently brings positive results when applied with our SmartSequencing™ algorithm. Please contact us if you want help getting your program producing the results you want.

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