• The License is priced at $49.95 / month   Vibration Analysis Periodic Table Online Training: All Levels $49.95 The Vibration Periodic Table Training concept is meant to enhance the student’s exposure to seminar content in a self-paced and self-directed manner. The training can be used to help solve a current plant vibration problem or as a refresher and reinforcement of previously learned concepts. This course is designed for any level Vibration Analyst to help understand and classify fundamental machinery vibration faults in as much detail as desired without having to follow a direct path to get there. The self-paced and self-directed format includes 35 fundamental vibration faults and their derivatives. Each fault is further dissected into 13 attribute sub-categories. The material is enhanced with actual machinery data, numerous real-life case histories and animation examples. The full package includes nearly 1000 pages of information. The material can be read and reread as many times as desired, and also includes numerous audio files that help reinforce the concepts. The training includes conservatively 75+ hours of content (a conservative approximation) and can be used to fulfill ASNT and ISO required “experience” hours for formal certification. Interactive Training pricing is based on a Monthly Subscription License.
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  • Paid in full in advance. 2 hour online workshop.
  • (meets ISO and ASNT requirements), test not required to attend class. During the exam you are provided with a booklet of standard tables, charts, formulae, and basic reference material.
  • Turn your cell phone video into a visual vibration model. Now you can know what is going on sooner than any other time in history. Create an animated model from just from stable cell phone video that shows how your machine or structure is moving. This modeling and vibration data collection used to take weeks and cost $40k, $60k or more. Using your own cellular phone video camera, a slow motion recording can be turned into a visual vibration recording. By transferring the video into a visual vibration format, a structure, piping, , you can see what can’t be seen any other way; a structure’s overall motion and the motion of one part relative to another. Excessive vibration levels and loose or damaged parts are easily identified from an animated ODS display. Visual Vibration™ displays how a machine or structure is moving by animating directly from the videos you upload to our cloud.
  • 3.8 CEU De-energized plus energized. Three days of MCA™ (De-Energized) training prepares you to troubleshoot all types or electric motors, coils, and windings. Two and a half days of ESA (Energized) training prepares you to evaluate many types of electric motor systems to improve the reliability and uptime of your plant. This public course is appropriate for both supervisors and technicians. Course materials include Workbook, Motor Circuit Analysis Manual and Pattern Recognition. Breakfast and Lunch are provided each day.
  • Paid in full in advance. 4 day level I vibration analysis class.
  • Paid in full in advance. 4 day level I vibration analysis class.
  • Paid in full in advance. 4 day level I vibration analysis class.


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